Promise of May Flowers?

When I was growing up, my mother had a Camus quotation stuck to the refrigerator: "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."  I'm trying to remember that now as we are in the depths of a dreary Portland spring.  Thank goodness there's an invincible beer-brewing force in Portland, too.

We've been passing these grey, rainy days by visiting the establishments that give us comfort: Moonshine (just a block or so away from us and always playing great music, it's officially our spot now); Broder (we sometimes forget to go to  places like this that are always simply good); Little T; Dig A Pony (only in the afternoon for us); and The New Old Lompoc (sadly, as of last week, closed until 2013).

I'm loving Barry's recent images of our outings (hmmm... seems I take photos in and on our way to bars and he takes photos of our outdoor excursions.)

And when we do catch a glimpse of the sun for an hour or so, we madly dash outside to soak up as much of it as we can.  A falafel picnic in the park, quick bike rides, strolls around town... whatever we can squeeze in between the raindrops.


Live in Australia? Want to do Cyclocross?

If you read this blog, chances are slim that you answered yes to either of those questions.   But a guy in Queensland e-mailed me, asking if he could use a photo I took at one of Barry's Cyclocross events that I must have posted here at some point for a flyer he was working on in order to get a Cyclocross event running in his area.  I said yes, and I thought I'd spread the word:

 Back soon.


Check. Check. Check.

Serious putzing at home for hours.
We're currently using an old coffee table as a
bench/space divider between the living and bed areas.
Does putting a pillow on it make it look like you can sit there?
Or does it look like we have too many tables in one space?

Polenta, poached eggs, and Brussels sprouts
with a dash of Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar
and a hefty twist from the pepper mill.

A walk downtown to my favorite bar to enjoy a good beer
with one of my books.  And a late-night dinner date with myself.

Somewhere in there, a handful of necklaces were made, too.
And I'm feeling much better, thank you.


Punctuation Plan

The past two weeks kind of got away from me.  There's not too much to report, other than Barry and I went on a lovely hike at Wahkeena Falls last weekend:

I'd gotten into a state of blue a couple weeks ago that's gone on and on.  It's been frustrating.  Nothing's really wrong.  Nothing should be getting me down.  It's been grey and rainy in Portland and that never helps my mood, but really I have nothing to complain about.  Things are actually pretty great right now.  So today I've decided it's time to shake my bad mood.  It's lasted long enough.  My putting-a-period-on the blues strategy includes:

Putzing around the apartment a bit.  Some alone time at home without anything major on my to-do list is always good for me.  I've got the place to myself for a couple days while Barry is working in California (and by working I mean mountain biking - not a bad job he's got, huh?) and intend on taking advantage of it.

Diving into the stack of novels I just checked out of the library.

Listening to NPR on my little transistor radio while I work on new necklaces.

Making a comforting lunch of polenta with poached eggs and Brussels sprouts, and taking myself out to dinner later this evening.

And not much else.  Back tomorrow...


The Girl Scout Collection

A gal I was lucky enough to meet through work, the multi-talented Scarlet, picked up some vintage wooden beads for me at an estate sale because they reminded her of sulu-design.  The beads belonged to an elderly woman who'd had them since her days in the Girl Scouts, many decades ago.  The necklaces made with these beads, along with a few other boldly colored ones, are now available at Betsy & Iya in NW Portland.  Thank you, Scarlet!


If By Dodge You Mean Portland's Rain...

then yes, we did in fact need to get the hell out of Dodge today.  Barry and I have been feeling quite antsy with the all the greyness and rain that Portland's been dealt recently.  So we hopped in the car with Kato and drove out to the Catherine Creek Trail, a spot in the Columbia River Gorge that is often dry when Portland is not.  Yay, absence of rain!  A nice little walk with the dog, a fantastic lunch with great beer at Everybody's Brewing in White Salmon, a stop in Hood River on the way home, and now we're good.  At least the boys are.  They've both been sacked out for a couple hours now.