Where They're At

A handful of the earrings and necklaces you saw here at the beginning of the week are on their way to gals who e-mailed me about them, and all the rest are now available at Tender Loving Empire - one of my favorite shops in Portland.  (Did you see the post Andrea put together about Tender Loving Empire on Poppytalk?)  I also added few pairs of earrings in the sulu-design etsy shop - the cupboard was feeling a little bare.

Click on images to take you to listings.
Have a good day, friends.

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Shan said...

Love the Black Cherry - and bought 'em. BTW when you see the comment on the order, the word "Challa" is a typo. My browser was running slow and I had already clicked over to my login info...or so I thought. Disregard!