Valentine Who? Happy Birthday, Barry!

We like to do birthdays up big here in the Lutjen/O'Connor household. So we're heading to the coast today to spend Barry's birthday in Astoria at the Commodore Hotel. There are lots of birthday treats planned throughout the day. I'm most excited for a hike to Hug Point where we'll have a special picnic lunch. And dinner at Fort George Brewery. And staying in a pretty hotel where we can hunker down with books and coffee if it gets too rainy. And breakfast the following day at Astoria Coffeehouse. And walking around with our cameras. And essentially being on a mini vacation for two days. We both kinda need it.

In our twenties we liked to celebrate our birthday months, but in our thirties we've edited the celebrating down to our birthday weeks. Clearly, we've matured. So we started the birthday celebrations last night:

Barry came home from work last night to a birthday banner that I made after seeing the sweet one Lisa made for her three year old daughter. Never mind that Barry turns 36 today. We are birthday dorks around here! We cut into the birthday "cake" after dinner last night, too. I'd bookmarked this recipe for Bourbon Ginger Pecan Pie the second I saw it over a year ago.

To play up the coast/port town theme of our little getaway with some homemade wrapping paper for Barry's gifts. I carved the anchor stamp while he was out on a bike ride one day and brought the stamp to work to print the paper after hours to be all covert about it. You can't have many secrets when you live in a one-room apartment, you know. I can't wait for the gift opening!

I might be more excited about Barry's birthday than he is. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, and happy, happy birthday to you, B.


LeeAnn said...

I love how you celebrate birthdays! Growing up we got to pick whatever we wanted for dinner on our birthday. It was a special treat for us because we were never really given a choice any other time. Then I dated my husband I introduced him to the birthday dinner tradition. He loved it so much that the next year he had to "catch up" on past birthdays and we started the birthday week for him. Nowadays, we trimmed it back to a birthday weekend. His b-day isn't until May, but I may surprise him with a trip to DC for the cherry blossoms in April. They have this amazing sunset dinner cruise during the festival. They feature a local chef every night! I better get that booked soon.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Barry White! I swear, you two are the best couple. I just love how much you enjoy each other and the wonderful ways that you spend time together. I want to crash your weekend and certainly cake-eating time! I'll have to try to make that one for my guy. I love the banner and paper - you guys are so good about the home made touches and those always makes the best gifts.
Happy Valentine's day, too, although that is soooo secondary to birthday week/month.

traci said...

happy birthday barry!! An in-person toast is in order sometime soon!