Away and Back with Recommendations

I'm looking forward to a cozy Tuesday/Wednesday "weekend" at home. After a spending last weekend away, there are chores to tend to. Maybe a closet editing, probably a kitchen cleaning, definitely a good floor scrubbing. And then there will be jewelry making accompanied by lots of coffee drinking and music listening. It's been a good two months since I've touched my jewelry supplies, and it's time I get back to it. While I'm busy being a homebody, I'll leave you with a few recommendations in case you find yourself in Astoria, Oregon anytime soon.

First, the Commodore Hotel was a great spot to spend the night. The interior was lovely and the staff was super friendly. They have a DVD library (from which we borrowed Raging Bull). I'd definitely stay there again, but next time I'm bringing earplugs - the traffic noise at night is a bit much.

The Astoria Coffeehouse and Bistro is such a comforting spot with a cute interior. Our breakfast was awesome (and huge - I love a biscuit that's as big as my face).

I had a great beer at Fort George Brewery (on our next visit I'd drink there and eat somewhere else), and Barry and I had a nice chat with the bartender at the Voodoo Room.

Back soon with results of my weekend at home...

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Amanda Jean said...

yum! that breakfast looks awesome!

love that last photo, too!