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Thanks to a day hunkered down at home yesterday, we have a super clean apartment.  And I've got lots of new sulu-design earrings and necklaces that I'm pretty pleased with.  I'm headed to Betsy and Iya to drop them off now.  Union Rose and Tumbleweed will get restocked next week.


Away and Back with Recommendations

I'm looking forward to a cozy Tuesday/Wednesday "weekend" at home. After a spending last weekend away, there are chores to tend to. Maybe a closet editing, probably a kitchen cleaning, definitely a good floor scrubbing. And then there will be jewelry making accompanied by lots of coffee drinking and music listening. It's been a good two months since I've touched my jewelry supplies, and it's time I get back to it. While I'm busy being a homebody, I'll leave you with a few recommendations in case you find yourself in Astoria, Oregon anytime soon.

First, the Commodore Hotel was a great spot to spend the night. The interior was lovely and the staff was super friendly. They have a DVD library (from which we borrowed Raging Bull). I'd definitely stay there again, but next time I'm bringing earplugs - the traffic noise at night is a bit much.

The Astoria Coffeehouse and Bistro is such a comforting spot with a cute interior. Our breakfast was awesome (and huge - I love a biscuit that's as big as my face).

I had a great beer at Fort George Brewery (on our next visit I'd drink there and eat somewhere else), and Barry and I had a nice chat with the bartender at the Voodoo Room.

Back soon with results of my weekend at home...


Barry's Birthday Picnic at Hug Point, In Color

There's a photo of an eviscerated bird at the end of this post. Fair warning not to scroll down if you don't care to see it.

Recipe for a Birthday Picnic

1. pate with truffles
2. cornichons
3. wedge of gorgonzola
4. fig spread
5. crispy crackers
6. dark chocolate with salted almonds
7. thermos of water
8. flask of bourbon
9. your own private ocean-side cave with a view


Valentine Who? Happy Birthday, Barry!

We like to do birthdays up big here in the Lutjen/O'Connor household. So we're heading to the coast today to spend Barry's birthday in Astoria at the Commodore Hotel. There are lots of birthday treats planned throughout the day. I'm most excited for a hike to Hug Point where we'll have a special picnic lunch. And dinner at Fort George Brewery. And staying in a pretty hotel where we can hunker down with books and coffee if it gets too rainy. And breakfast the following day at Astoria Coffeehouse. And walking around with our cameras. And essentially being on a mini vacation for two days. We both kinda need it.

In our twenties we liked to celebrate our birthday months, but in our thirties we've edited the celebrating down to our birthday weeks. Clearly, we've matured. So we started the birthday celebrations last night:

Barry came home from work last night to a birthday banner that I made after seeing the sweet one Lisa made for her three year old daughter. Never mind that Barry turns 36 today. We are birthday dorks around here! We cut into the birthday "cake" after dinner last night, too. I'd bookmarked this recipe for Bourbon Ginger Pecan Pie the second I saw it over a year ago.

To play up the coast/port town theme of our little getaway with some homemade wrapping paper for Barry's gifts. I carved the anchor stamp while he was out on a bike ride one day and brought the stamp to work to print the paper after hours to be all covert about it. You can't have many secrets when you live in a one-room apartment, you know. I can't wait for the gift opening!

I might be more excited about Barry's birthday than he is. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, and happy, happy birthday to you, B.


See you in a week?

This Saturday and Sunday, February 11th and 12th, a fabulous event will take place at the Ace Hotel. A bunch of great local boutiques will get together for a blow out sale. I'll be there at Tumbleweed's booth and will have lots of sulu-design earrings from prior seasons on sale. Hope to see you there...


Go There: Lowell

In an on-going attempt to spiff up our place, Barry and I have been on the lookout for some end tables for our sofa. Not a hunt, just a lookout. While Barry and I were out the other evening, finally trying the lamb burger at Mint/820 that we've heard so much about, we thought we'd spotted the perfect tables in a new-to-us shop across the street that was closed for the night. (As an aside, after splitting one lamb and one beef burger, Barry and I declare beef the winner.) Anyhow, we ventured back to Russel Street during the shop's open hours. Turns out the tables weren't right for us, but the shop is a sweet little gem of lovely curiosities with a cute little cafe tucked in the back. You ought to visit Lowell at 819 N. Russell. Actually, you ought to visit this blog post about the shop first, as the photos there are far better than mine. And then go out and see the real thing.

(the stacking tables that started it all)