Sprucing Up the Digs

While hunting for a light fixture for our little workroom corner the other day, Barry and I stopped at a shop that my friend Robin recommended a while ago - Seek the Unique. We loved the store - they had a great selection of interesting finds, fair prices, and a super friendly staff. We didn't find a light fixture there (I think School House Electric will be our source for that), but we did come home with a vintage wool blanket and an old tool display board that we've hung in our living room area. And since I'm showing you new things around the apartment, I might as well mention the old maps we picked up at Blake (yes, Portlanders, the denim shop) for ten bucks. We needed something big to fill the space above our dresser until we find the right piece of art to invest in, and they work just fine.


Mom said...

Wow, Suzy your place looks great! You and Barry have such a good sense of design and what works and at a good price too!

We love the changes you made here when you were home at Christmas and can still use many more!

You are so good at removing clutter and encouraged your sister to purge somethings too! I'm still working on that. Dad had to repaint the basement floor and now before putting things away I need to throw away.

Love seeing your updates. Miss you, love always, Mom

Anonymous said...

Your house looks great! It seems like just yesterday you were worried about staying on the West coast and deciding to buy a house. I love how life works out how it's supposed to :)

The maps and that gorgeous credenza caught my eye.