Diversion Four, Subset of Diversion Three: The Cooking from the Books

Another book that I recently got out of the library was one that I heard about first on Shari's blog - An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler. I'm enjoying the writing and I've been quite inspired by her simple, practical cooking suggestions. Before even finishing the book, I dove into putting the chapter called "How to Stride Ahead" into practice. Once a week for the past couple weeks, I've filled our oven with several pans and trays full of all sorts of vegetables: beets, cauliflower, yams, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, rutabagas, Brussels sprouts... and I've roasted away. I love the idea of conserving time and energy by doing this all at once - it made a week's worth of dinner preparation so easy and pleasant. We ate hearty and healthy all week long using the roasted vegetables as side dishes or as ingredients in pastas, purees, soups, and curries. For dinner last night, we had a frittata with Brussels sprouts, leeks, bacon, and cheddar with a side of roasted root vegetables. A few nights before that we had a yummy curry with the roasted cauliflower I'd made a few nights before. We've had pureed yams with pork loin, and a pasta with a sauce made of the trimmings of the vegetables I've roasted. I'm totally hooked on this book.


shari said...

i'm so glad to hear this, susan. her book is super inspiring and i know i will revisit it often.

Anonymous said...

Putting it on my reading list STAT! Sounds amazing!

house on hill road said...

thanks for the (dual) recommendation. i am all about making my cooking time more efficient!