Speaking of Food

('cause I kind of was speaking of food there at the end of the last post):

Barry and I went to Sunshine Tavern the other night where we had awesome sandwiches and an amazing dessert - rice pudding made with arborio rice and topped with a plum compote. That's what's got risotto on my mind, and it has me thinking about having it for breakfast, all hot and creamy, with fruit. Oh, baby.

We've been enjoying this roasted cauliflower pasta recipe and this roast pork loin recipe at home recently.

I'm late in mentioning that Barry made me an awesome birthday pie to follow the spectacular birthday meal we had at June. I'm not a huge fan of cake (don't get me wrong - I'll eat it if it's in front of me, especially if it's chocolate and flourless) so Barry always makes me a special birthday dessert instead. This one rocked.

And not speaking of food, these guys are in the sulu-design shop now:

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