November Nesting

My dad will be happy to know that there's been some rearranging in our apartment recently, and there are no more 45 degree configurations to contend with now. We're back in our good old 90 degree comfort zone. I get lots of my... tendencies... from my dad.

With cold, wet weather on the way, I've been all about making our place a cozy one for hunkering down this winter. A couple new pillows, a stack of blankets pulled out of hiding, and a few more plants were top priorities. Now, to add a few movies to my library hold list. And maybe figure out some better lighting for the long, dark nights.

Trying to stick to my goal of adding new pieces to my etsy shop every day this month, I've added the earrings below today. I'm loving those blue beads - expect to see more of them...


lealou said...

Looking very cozy! I have a bit of an obsession with straight angles too - I think it's a bit of a sickness (I straighten the place mats when Mark sets the table :\)

I really have to get into the library movie thing. I searched for The Fifth Element the other day and all I could find was VHS... I'll have to figure out what titles I want.

Ok this is a long comment. Happy Nesting!

ps - oh and I love the earrings!

Mom said...

Oh Suzy,

Am so looking forward to you coming home for the holidays! Miss you terribly, it's been so long.

Also love how you give us your decorating expertise and the rooms look so much better after you work your magic!

Your apartment looks spectacular as usual and expect to see it again in a publication.

Love always, Mom

Anonymous said...

I have those "tendencies" too, but I think you need to come to my house and put everything in it's place (and maybe clean?!) Your house is gorgeous. That rug is a knockout.

Once again, your mom is super adorable!!! No surprise there ;)

Dad said...

Phew!!!!...ducks in a row, just like it was meant to be!
Love to you both, dad