A Day Late

I'm still on a birthday high, particularly because I received a few awesome gift certificates for my birthday that I get to put to good use now. This evening, I've got a massage at Loyly and dinner at Roost to look forward to, thank you very much. It's embarrassing how excited I get about stuff like this. I'm going to love every minute of it.

But I've been working my tail off, too, trying to get lots of jewelry ready for the holidays. You can now find lots of new sulu-design pieces in Portland at Tumbleweed, Betsy & Iya, Bonnet, Tender Loving Empire, and the newest locally-owned boutique to carry sulu-design, Soletta. I'm also trying to be on the ball with my etsy shop, so I've given myself the task of adding at least one new piece to the shop every day in November. I already missed the first day of the month. Good plan, huh? But these are in the shop now, made with super cute vintage bakelite buttons:

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