It's getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning as it's staying darker later. I'm looking forward to turning back the clocks soon... a little more light in the morning and cozy, dark evenings at home. Soup recipes have been on my mind. And risotto.


LeeAnn said...

Love these earrings. Last weekend I made the most delicious corn chowder with sage and prosciutto. It was a Cooks Country/American Test Kitchen recipe. It's a dish that gets more delicious as leftovers. Though next time I make it, I'll replace the prosciutto with bacon. I had a prosciutto end in the freeze (I convinced the kid at the deli to sell it to me super cheap), but the flavor was lost in the sweetness of the corn. Bacon would be a better choice.

Marissa said...

I'm thinking of soup again too! I made another butternut squash soup topped with bacon...will post the recipe tonight! Warm up!