Tidepools At Cannon Beach

We got to Haystack Rock just in time to see the gorgeous creatures that appear there during low tide. Starfish that were bigger than my face. Sea anemones in colors I've never seen before. Muscles clinging to the rocks by the thousands. It was awesome.


LeeAnn said...

Holy cow! What a sight! Can the star fish survive like that?

Anonymous said...

That is SO cool! I can't wait to get out to your area one day and see this with my own eyes (and meet you as well!) What beautiful colors. The starfish look like little ladies with their legs crossed in funny poses.

Happy birthday!!! Belated!

lealou said...


Artsy Momma said...

It almost doesn't look real! This world we share, pretty dang awesome!

Sonya Philip said...

The tidepools at Haystack Rock are incredible! And when we were there, some ornithologists had telescopes and I was able to see puffins on the rock. PUFFINS!!!

Mom said...

Dear Suzy,

Absolutely spectacular photos! Had no idea these star fish even existed with those colors!

Glad M & T and the kids got to see them, too.

Sounds like you had the perfect getaway. Loved your remark about where you usually stay and worry about car theft! Love, Mom