Arch Cape

The icing on the cake (no birthday pun intended) of our coast trip was our one-night stay at a bed and breakfast in Arch Cape. Generally, Barry and I don't stay in nice places when we travel on our own. Worrying that our car is going to be stolen from our motel parking lot makes us feel adventurous. Thinking that we might catch something from the upholstered surfaces in hostels makes us feel like we're really living. But this weekend was about relaxation, so we sprung for a truly wonderful place. Unbelievably hospitable hosts. A glass of wine upon arrival. Private sauna. Oatmeal, omelettes, roasted potatoes, and fresh muffins for breakfast. An ocean view. It was spectacular.


holly said...

you guys always find the coolest spots! I love that you splurged a little for birthday month.
i just wish they took kids and dogs.

Dad said...

Too beautiful there suzy!!!!
Love, Dad

Jessica Nichols said...

Happy belated birthday and these photos just shame me to bits that I moved here in late June and HAVE NOT YET SEEN THE OREGON COAST.