Arch Cape

The icing on the cake (no birthday pun intended) of our coast trip was our one-night stay at a bed and breakfast in Arch Cape. Generally, Barry and I don't stay in nice places when we travel on our own. Worrying that our car is going to be stolen from our motel parking lot makes us feel adventurous. Thinking that we might catch something from the upholstered surfaces in hostels makes us feel like we're really living. But this weekend was about relaxation, so we sprung for a truly wonderful place. Unbelievably hospitable hosts. A glass of wine upon arrival. Private sauna. Oatmeal, omelettes, roasted potatoes, and fresh muffins for breakfast. An ocean view. It was spectacular.


Tidepools At Cannon Beach

We got to Haystack Rock just in time to see the gorgeous creatures that appear there during low tide. Starfish that were bigger than my face. Sea anemones in colors I've never seen before. Muscles clinging to the rocks by the thousands. It was awesome.


Haystack Rock

After our hike, we headed to Cannon Beach and walked out to Haystack Rock. I've seen photos of it a million times and seen it in person a few times, too. It's never wowed me in the past. But there was something about seeing it the other day - something about the light, about the time of day and the time of year, about being there with Barry - whatever it was, I finally understood why it's such a special place for so many people.


Birthday at the Beach

I've told you about trips to the Oregon coast that Barry and I have taken in the past. I like the coast, but I never understood the love that so many people have for it. That is, I never understood it until yesterday. When our days off rolled around this week, we took off for the coast to celebrate my birthday. Things have been a bit hectic here and we wanted to get out of town to really relax. The coast was the perfect place to do it. We started out at Ecola State Park, hiking to Indian Beach.


Hello, 35

Nice to meet you.

You've got a few more gray hairs than 34, and deeper wrinkles around the eyes.

But you seem a lot more content and easy-going, too. Like, you probably wouldn't stress out if you were, say, in Los Angeles on a business trip and you ripped the seat of your pants in the middle of a meeting and had to wear your sweatpants/pajamas for the duration of your LA trip, right? Not like that happened on Tuesday or anything.

I love birthdays. This one won't be an exception.


Been Up To

dining at Luce with girlfriends... movie watching at home (this cell phone-less girl is also Netflix-less -I've been giving my library card a serious workout recently)... cyclocross spectating... granola baking... jewelry making (Betsy and Iya has lot of new sulu-design pieces that I'm really excited about)... shop updating: