Where It's At

If any jewelry in the last post interested you, Portland folks, you can find all of the necklaces and a few of the new earrings at Betsy and Iya. The rest of the earrings are available at Tender Loving Empire. And Tumbleweed just got lots of new necklaces, too. More sulu-design shop updates will follow, but don't hold your breath. It feels more like summer now more than ever here, and I'm taking full advantage of it. Earlier this week, that meant a trip to the beach on Sauvie Island, which we always follow with a trip to Kruger's Farm. That resulted in some fresh summer dinners this week like a salad of watermelon, feta and mint, and a sandwich of goat cheese, carmalized onion, fig, honey, and freshly ground pepper. Yeah.


melissa f. said...

what?! no holding my breath?

i thought about you this week while i was thrashing around all sweaty-- i was thinking how much you much LOVE this freaky weather.

holly said...

damn that looks good! now i am hungry.
awseome jewelry too. loving the necklaces

Bitterbetty said...

yummy gorgeous.
Isn't that kind of your blog in a nutshell though?

Michelle and I just had a conversation about how much quality of food impacts quality of life.
Food and Music.

yummy gorgeous.

Mom said...


Love, Mom