Blue it Is, Blue They Are

Sky blue, turquoise, teal, navy... they're all good with me. All of the above are in the sulu-design shop now. More blues tomorrow, including my current personal favorites.


Not Everything I Make is Blue

But a lot of it is. So before I hit you with a bunch of blue designs tomorrow, I thought I'd give you a breather with some reds, all in the sulu-design shop now...


Like I Said

A sulu-design shop update had been on my to-do list for a while. But the sun was out. We were on our bikes. We were eating and drinking anywhere that had tables outside. We ate it up while it lasted. But the rain has started. So. Here's the first of many updates this week. Click images above or check out the entire shop here.


It's Been Almost Two Weeks

Not much to say. We got a new wall-hanging that doubles as a rug. Fourteen dollar score thanks to Dusty Tiger in Sellwood.


Where It's At

If any jewelry in the last post interested you, Portland folks, you can find all of the necklaces and a few of the new earrings at Betsy and Iya. The rest of the earrings are available at Tender Loving Empire. And Tumbleweed just got lots of new necklaces, too. More sulu-design shop updates will follow, but don't hold your breath. It feels more like summer now more than ever here, and I'm taking full advantage of it. Earlier this week, that meant a trip to the beach on Sauvie Island, which we always follow with a trip to Kruger's Farm. That resulted in some fresh summer dinners this week like a salad of watermelon, feta and mint, and a sandwich of goat cheese, carmalized onion, fig, honey, and freshly ground pepper. Yeah.


The Fruits of My Labor Day

Way to keep scrolling! I hope you had a fun Labor Day weekend, American friends. I worked all three days of it but was happy to have evenings free for all things jewelry-related. Barry's been off on a biking trip all weekend, so I had the place to myself. I played Cee Lo's not-so-nicely named song over and over and over again, ate hors d'oeuvres for dinners, drank ginger ale and Maker's Mark, and worked my fingers off on new sulu-design earrings and necklaces... kinda all at once. The pieces above will make their way to various Portland boutiques this week. And a sulu-design shop update is on.


I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down*

When I come home from work to find the late day's sun pouring through our windows, throwing long shadows across the apartment, I wish that I could hit pause and let it hang in the same spot for a while before setting. But I have big plans for this evening, big be-productive-with-jewelry plans. And I'm most productive in the jewelry department when the sun isn't out. So I'm enjoying the last hour or two of sunlight in the day, eating a dinner of sliced tomatoes with mozzarella, and then getting down to business.

*Have you ever read any of William Gay's beautiful books? I swiped today's title from one of 'em.