Those Things. Those Funky Summer Things.*

A couple week ago I'd mentioned that I'd show you some of the funkier pieces I've been working on this summer, but I've been lazy about photographing them properly. What can I say? The sun finally started to make regular appearances and I've had little interest in anything other than being out in it. I did, however, manage to get lots of pieces made in the early morning hours this week before the sun showed its face. The handful of necklaces above, all made with hand-sewn dyed leather laces - meant to hang behind the neck - with long strands of bold beads draping below are all at Idom now, where the particular style has been well-received.

More to come...

*The title of this post is bitten from the tag line of this blog, which Barry often leaves open on the computer screen so we can drool over it.

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Mom said...

Suzy, these are gorgeous, imagine they are flying out the door!

Especially like the orange one toward the front. The have such vibrancy and energy - did you get the article I sent you about having a necklace that you can wear with everything - jeans, blouse, t-shirt, etc., and you know me that's right up my alley! Love, Mom