It'a a Big One, Mom

Today is a big birthday for my mom. I wish I could be with her today - I miss her like crazy. The older I get, the more I realize what an amazing lady she is. Her dedication to her family is unmatched. She's worked hard her whole life in order to expose her three children to wonderful things. She's supported each of us as along the way, even when the way led us to cities far away from hers. She has a great sense of humor (although if I'm honest, I'd say she likes puns a little too much... puns and pirate jokes). She's made great changes in her life in the recent past to be a healthier person, which is truly inspiring to me. And she's a stickler about writing thank you notes, a lesson which has paid off for me time and time again.

I love you so much, Mom. Happy birthday.


Mom said...

Dear Suzy,

Miss you too, Honey!

"May the Force be with you"! And ARGGG or however it's spelled!

Love always, Mom

You'll get a handwritten thank you for the lovely card, earrings and top. Am so disheartened to learn that after 2013 Cursive is not going to be taught in schools in our state, don't know if that's nation wide. So sad.

Mariss said...

Happy birthday to your dear mom! She sounds like an amazing lady, and I love reading her comments :)

Tyra said...

hmmm...my mom's birthday is 8/14, too. Are you all that certain we were not separated at birth ;-) Happy B'day to both mom's!