The Difference a Desk Makes

Two weeks ago when my family was in town, Barry borrowed his boss's van to get all seven of us and our camping equipment up to Mount Hood. We ended up being grateful for the van for more than reasons than one. Barry and I had been searching for a long time for work table to tuck into the corner that is our office - a table on which he could set up a truing stand to build bike wheels and on which I could make jewelry. The day we picked up the van, we just happened to find the perfect industrial work table for $20 on Craigslist, and it just happened to fit perfectly into the van (two birds, one stone - yay!).

It's amazing what a difference the work table has made in my productivity with jewelry. For five years now, I've worked on jewelry on the floor of our various apartments. I'd pull out my supplies from behind cabinet doors, spread them out on the floor for a few hours, work away like crazy, and then clean everything up and get it back into hiding a few hours later (because we all know I'd get the shakes if it sat out on the floor for more than a day). Now, having an area that's dedicated to jewelry design where I can leave my supplies out without them being an eyesore has made it so much easier to jump into and out of work when I've got a little spare time. Spending less time on setting up and cleaning up supplies has meant so much more time for actually creating. Plus it's really nice to sit next to Barry (he's got the left side of the table), drinking coffee and listening to good music, while each of us works on things that we love. Oh, the productivity!


LeeAnn said...

I share in your excitment! The space will definitely give you more freedom for creativity (and coffee spills!)

Marissa said...

This makes me so happy for you, Susan! What a great space, find and alignment of planets.

I need to dust my own space off, and keep checking Craigslist for a dresser or armoir!

Connie said...

I yearn for a craft space to call my own- then I'd probably do more of 'em. I will instead live vicariously through your desk, which is a thing of beauty. May you have many productive and enjoyable hours together.