To Richmond, Quickly

Little did many of you know, Barry and I were in Virginia last week. We made a somewhat last-minute trip there under circumstances that we wish were different - Barry's much-loved aunt is rather ill, and his childhood friend's father just passed away. Despite the motivation for the trip having both of us feeling down, we had a wonderful time visiting Barry's family and seeing Richmond again.

We had a fun family crab feast, a great dinner at Mamma 'Zu, fantastic brunch at Millie's, several awesome meals at the O'Connor's place (have I mentioned what a great cook Barry's dad is?), and lots of good family time. We got our fix of heat and humidity, swam in the James River, visited the art museum, and checked out an interesting little neighborhood that we'd never really explored before. I also got to visit one of my favorite bead shops, so I'm feeling a little jewelry-inspired. Now we're back, and summer is in full swing.


Cheryl Arkison said...

Sorry to hear about the sad circumstances of your trip, but happy to hear you had a good break.

Alex said...

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