That Summer Anxiety

If you happened to run into me while I was at work this past week (and I know a few of you who stop by here did run into me at work), you probably heard me moaning and groaning about how Portland's weather this summer has me really bummed. We've had a handful of nice days when the sun has come out and the temperature has gone up, but those days have been bookended by gray, chilly, and sometimes rainy days. It still feels like spring to me, like we're just waiting to get over the hump into real summertime. People, I'm in bad need a serious stretch of hot, sunny days. Shoot - I'll take humidity, too. Anything to let my body know that we've arrived in the season of fun and frolic. I'm getting worried that summer is just gonna zip on by without lingering a while and we'll be on to another long, gray, wet winter. I signed up for those winters when we moved to Portland - that's part of the deal in the Pacific Northwest. But no summer? Gah!

That being said, Barry and I are going through the summertime motions. We took advantage of the one particularly hot day we had and went swimming in the Sandy River. We went to the Portland Farmers' Market on the one Saturday that we've both had off work since we moved here (thanks to our friends Craig and Kim for getting married so we could take the day off) and had freaking amazing bagels from Tastebud:

(I swear there's a bagel under there, beneath the bacon, arugula, jam, and cream cheese.)

There are plans for berry-picking at Kruger's, for bike rides down the Springwater Corridor to scope the antique malls and enjoy beers in Sellwood, for outdoor movie screenings, and for a big camping adventure in August. We're psyched to have Barry's parents in town now, and a long-awaited visit from my sister, her husband, and their three kids in a few days. And we will squeeze every last bit out of summer that we possibly can. Summer can run but it can't hide.


Cheryl Arkison said...

Yay for summer! We've got it here now. Come visit, bring your bikes.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I don't know--that Portland weather kinda sounds like my thing. So does that bacon/bagel concoction. I'm not even into bagels, but the bacon glamoured me.

I wish I could send you some of our 90s haze!

Mom said...

Read Portland weather reports daily - almost always PC! Gives me hope that in another year and a half you and Barry might consider moving to the same time zone! (Hence the articles I send regularly)

Heat, sun and humidity here, tomatoes, basil, dill, rosemary, summer savory, even the fig tree all growing well!

Grandkids are counting the hours now, have a wonderful time. Love, Mom

Melissa said...

I thought about you on Sunday during the rain
that would not end.