This Just In: Blogger Loves Succulents!

On the advice of my friend Leslie, Barry and I headed to Portland Nursery on SE Stark (love this place!) to find a big ol' houseplant to fill a bare-ish wall and to bring something with some height into our apartment. We scored with a seven foot tall succulent, and we didn't stop there. We already had lots of little succulents around our place, and now they've got new friends. There's lots of repotting to do around here.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

They are quite beautiful. I've never really been into house plants but out friends gave us some aloe plants because what I have since found out is they grow like weeds! I brought them in last winter so they would not die + turns out, I like house plants.

Connie said...

love the title of this post. cracked me up.