Should Have

I should have been on a plane to Los Angeles for a work trip this morning, but I was bumped from the flight. I was really looking forward to gazing at some beautiful west coast scenery from up above. Instead, I'm unexpectedly home, trying to make the most of a few free hours by cleaning out folders of old photos on our computer. Which leads to:

I should have done something with the idea I had long, long ago of taking color field shots of walls, especially those with painted-over graffiti. I wanted to make a little project of it, but never got motivated to do so. Now, floating around in the corners of our computer, I've got a handful of wall photos like the ones above. Similar posts will follow, I'm sure.


Sara said...

i love these images.
have you seen this. http://vimeo.com/368367
i found it on leslie williamson's blog....she had taken a couple of pics of painted over graffiti also.
looking forward to more of your photos.

Sonya Philip said...

These are gorgeous. Bring to mind Miranda July's Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal. Can't wait to see more. Hope you're having a great summer.

Mom said...

Orange one reminds me of a Mark Rothko painting, beautiful! Love, Mom