Before and After

Yesterday Barry and I took a stroll over to Oregon Leather Co. where I picked up some lace for stringing beads.

And we finally ate at the Tabor food cart. The schnitzelwich is no joke. I concede - it's too big and rich for me.

It may just be the reason why I had to head home early from my run this morning. Achy belly. But that allowed me a little extra time before work to put that lace to use.


lealou said...

Love everything about these pics! The cute shoes and super fun rug and fun necklaces! Ok the runners are cute too ;)

Connie said...

oh bellies... They just know how to spoil everything. But look at those beautiful necklaces!

Mom said...

Have you been to "off the Griddle"?

Might be a little easier on the tummy!