Original Intent: Day One Hundred Eighty-Four

le happy window, nw portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent: Day One Hundred Eighty-Three

rainbow meters, astoria, oregon

inspired earrings found here and here


Original Intent: Day One Hundred Eight-Two

rusty pipe, downtown portland

inspired earrings found here


I Sure Like, Part VI

a tree in front of a wall


I Sure Like, Part V

a dull facade, head on


I Sure Like, Part IV

the payoff

The weather gods finally threw the Portland area a bone this week (on our day off!). Barry and I bee-lined it back to Dog Mountain. The hike is still strenuous. And the views at the top are still so worth it.



I Sure Like, Part II

throwing some greenery in there


I Sure Like, Part I

bold, bright colors and sharp angles


Happy Father's Day, Dad

I'll always be your adoring dotter.


In Progress

As I continue to sift through folders of photos on our computer, I keep coming across images that were meant to be inspiration for Original Intent posts. Those pairings are in the works. I'm also coming across lots of photos of the same subject matter over and over. You'll see what I mean next week.


Before and After

Yesterday Barry and I took a stroll over to Oregon Leather Co. where I picked up some lace for stringing beads.

And we finally ate at the Tabor food cart. The schnitzelwich is no joke. I concede - it's too big and rich for me.

It may just be the reason why I had to head home early from my run this morning. Achy belly. But that allowed me a little extra time before work to put that lace to use.