Work Is Our Joy

(from the bumble bee cannery in astoria, oregon)

Work has been perfectly busy for me recently. I like busy. It makes my days off of work feel well-earned. Barry and I both needed a little getaway when our weekend rolled around, so we headed to the Oregon Coast, stopping first at Manzanita:

and then up the coast to Astoria:

How we missed the awesome Vintage Hardware
on previous trips to Astoria, I'll never know:

We finally tried Street 14 Coffee:

And we walked our buns off, taking photos all day long. Some will become Original Intent shots, I'm sure. I feel like I've been neglecting my personal work - jewelry-making - as my work-work has gotten busier. Yesterday's photo-taking may be the kick in the pants I needed to sit down with jewelry supplies again. But not now. The sun is out, and so am I.


laundrygirl said...

I just started drooling over the thought of more 'Original Intent' creations. You know how tempting your earrings are! ;)

Connie said...

I'm glad that work good-busy. But I'm equally glad that you can enjoy your time off.