Parallel, Perpendicular, Procrastinating

Today I was going to sit down and get serious about tending to my neglected etsy shop. I've been meaning to add new designs for weeks now. Following my usual modus operandi, I realized I had to rearrange the apartment first. Now you know I'm a gal who likes things just so, who loves her ninety degree angles, who really appreciates a nice crisp grid. But the columns in our loft are at forty-five degree angles to the walls, and they drove me to do something crazy. Crazy I tell you. All of the living room furniture is now laid out on a forty-five degree angle to the rest of the furniture in the apartment (remember - the bedroom furniture, the office furniture, the listening area furniture, and the dining room furniture are all in one room). Yikes!

Now I can get to that shop update.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I can see how that would drive you crazy + I'm being totally serious.

Anonymous said...

Suzy!!!...after teaching you for years that angles have
no place in our environment!!! Ducks in a row, even,
parallel, lined up, neat...oh where did I go wrong?
Place looks great !!!! love, Dad

Connie said...

crazy angles! I've often heard that you should place furniture at angles... it's supposed to give the perception of more space or something. I hope you're liking your 'new' digs. I just love pictures of your house!

Ethan Smith said...

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