And Another Thing

When did I get so freaking impatient? I wanted to scream today as I waited for a piece of bread to toast. For two stinking minutes, people, I was pacing. Pacing! Sheesh. What's wrong with me? Instead of screaming, I made a little list in my head of other scenarios in which I've felt seriously impatient recently, to help pass the time. Seems that other than waiting for the toaster oven to ding, they all involve driving:

I can't stand it when drivers who are making a left at a light don't pull out into the intersection while they wait to turn in order to let other cars who are stuck behind them pull around to the right.

Portland drivers love to stop at intersections where they don't have stop signs. Granted, at intersections where there are no stop signs on either of the intersecting streets (and Portland's got tons of those) one should stop. But if you don't have a stop sign and traffic on the cross street does, don't stop, people. Keep it moving.

In the same vein, it drives me nuts when I'm on my bike - stopped at a stop sign - and a driver on the cross street who doesn't have a stop sign stops and waves me on. I know the driver thinks he's being nice. But I'm at a stand-still, dear driver, and it's a lot easier and faster (as well as being what the traffic signs call for) for you and your car to keep on going than it is for me to start up my bike from a stop. Go ahead. You won't hit me. I've stopped.

Done. That is my toast is ready and my impatient rant is over. Clearly the rain is getting to me. Thank goodness Barry's parents are arriving for a visit tomorrow - they'll bring a little light to our week.


laundrygirl said...

This made me smile. I had a similar feeling in the post office yesterday...

Bitterbetty said...

Ah, Frustrations. We all succumb to impulse to let them crawl right under our skin from time to time. I hope the sun will come out and clear it up for you soon!