Lasagna and a Sale

A random lasagna with lemon recipe for dinner last night wasn't all that bad. Find the recipe from Martha Stewart Living via A Cup of Jo. As you know, I can't make a recipe without some sort of substitution. Skim milk worked fine in place of whole, turkey sausage was good in place of the standard pork, and kale held its own in place of Swiss chard. (Edited to add: we just had lasagna leftovers for dinner and decided it would be a lot better without the lemon.)

This Friday, April 1st, Union Rose is hosting pretty awesome event - they're having a Spring Cleaning sale in which their designers, all of whom are local Portlanders, are offering amazing discounts on previous seasons' items to move 'em on out. I'll have a trunk full of earrings (would you believe me if I said there are over 200 pairs in there?) and a handful of necklaces at half off their retail prices. There are some killer clothing and jewelry designers participating. Get there before they close up at 9.


lealou said...

I was wondering about the lemon in this dish... I made a slow cooker chicken from Rachael Ray not too long ago that called for two sliced lemons and it was WAY too lemony. I think I'll try this without the lemons!

melissa said...

see, i read that as "lasagna for sale" and i was like, "hot damn, yes, i'd buy her lasagna".