I'm A Little Embarrassed to Admit:

~ that my hair is causing me more grief than something as trivial as hair should cause a rational person. I'm growing out a bad, waaaay too short haircut that I got back in November and am too scared to go for a trim until it grows a lot more. So right now I hate my hair, but even more I hate that I hate my hair.

~ that television has negatively affected my productivity in the evening. Up until a few months ago, Barry and I had been watching the few shows a week that we did watch on an old, boxy television that my dad won in a raffle about twenty years ago. It was getting hard to look at, so we didn't look at it often. We replaced the sad little box with a pretty new television several months ago, and now we watch a lot more television that we used to. Criminal Minds, specifically. Some lame station plays four hour-long rerun episodes in a row a few nights a week. We show up for it. That's finally come to an end this week.

~that it had been one and a half months since I'd updated the sulu-design shop (see embarrassment point #2 for my excuse). I finally got my act together today, thanks in part to the friendly nagging of one of sulu-design's biggest supporters who has become a sweet friend over the years. Marie has more than twenty pairs of sulu-design earrings and she's asking for more! The shop is freshly stocked now. And if you'll humor me, I'll feature several of my favorites here this week.

~ that I've been lazy, too, on the photo front. Not on taking them, but on posting them. So here are a few from a little trip Barry and I took last week to Vancouver, Washington to check out the antique malls:

Got anything embarrassing to admit?


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Um, that would be Ion that shows "Criminal Minds" all the time. My embarrassing admission (besides that I know that you are tuned into Ion) is several years ago we did not have cable + every night before bed we would watch 2 episodes of "Scrubs." We watched it so much that we knew at minute 18 is when the story line turned serious and sentimental- every single episode had the same structure.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Well, right now I'm breaking out like a 16 year old. GIANT zits and that sure isn't confidence inspiring.

Nadia said...

I write worse poetry for my ex than he did for me! Eek!

lealou said...

yay more earrings!

Ok I'll bite. I'm embarrassed to admit that every now and then (not toooo often) I'll eat a whole bag of chips. Like a BIG bag. :)

Bitterbetty said...

I admit that I'm so self absorbed that I don't come see what you are up to here as often as I should!

And I have a bathrobe that would scare mere mortals that I can't replace because a good robe is hard to find, and I already have an ugly one!

Marie said...

My admission? Although I read your blog all the time and have over 20 pairs of your earrings - I've never left a comment. What a bad egg I am!

kat / Taylor Made designs said...

I read more than I watch tv... but the little TV that I do watch embarrasses me.. a tad. I watch iCarly with my kids and I actually enjoy it :) How silly is that?

Spring is around the corner. I just can't wait!

Hair grows. Trust me. I have a pixie cut and everytime I decide I am growing to grow it out, I get so frustrated and just cut it again :)
Go get your hair trimmed to deal with it growing out. You'll be so much happier :)

kat / Taylor Made designs said...

opps, "growing" should be "going"