Crazy Busy a.k.a. Excuses

a new sofa delivered, an old sofa and rocker swiftly sold
twelve straight days at work with a trip to Los Angeles nestled in the middle
a crazy infection in my finger and ten days worth of antibiotics thanks to too much jewelry-making
a dog-sitting stint
a bit of house-hunting for good friends who are moving to Portland
a guided loft tour (with the use of a laser pointer) by a fun and somewhat eccentric neighbor
my first visit to the dentist in four years
a restocking of sulu-design jewelry at several Portland boutiques
a damn good Italian sausage strata
a thorough down-on-hands-and-knees scrubbing of the entire apartment's floor followed by some serious rug rearranging
good beer at Clyde Common's happy hour
And you?


Shona~ LALA dex press said...


At the moment my boyfriend is out of town and I am scrubbing our newly purchased (but not new) bookcases we drove to St. Louis to p/u last weekend. Trying to make room for a dresser drop off that I bought from a friend to replace our 2 chest of drawers that are so horribly mismatched and the true definition of "strictly functional." Then there are all the books in boxes!

But somewhere in there is a bowl of tom kha soup from my favorite Thai restaurant.

Bebegrande said...

Great couch, lovely setting! Are you still on antibiotics for your finger? How did you make out at the dentist? Did someone you know recommend him/her? Meal sounded delicious as usual. Sent make-up off today. Hope you get 2 days off this coming week to recuperate! Love, Mom

Mom said...

Oh gee, meant to change my name!!!

holly said...

i LOVE the new sofa! it looks great - of course.
Hope to see you guys soon!

house on hill road said...

yay for new furniture!
i'm just sewing, sewing, sewing.
owe you an email - soon, i promise.

Connie said...

it's better to be busy than not! hope your finger is ok :/

amandajean said...

i love your new couch! it's wonderful. i loved reading and catching up on your blog (after far too long).

crazy busy seems to be the game around here. my biggest thorn in my side these days is my son's book report. he chose a 56 chapter book, which was not a problem. writing a summary sentence and drawing a picture for each chapter proves to be much more challenging. almost more stress than this mama can take. but 2 more days, it's due, and then on to the next! it's good personal growth for all around. i guess. ;)

laundrygirl said...

Great couch! I hope all is well with you and that your finger is healing well. Cheers to you and your cute home!