Sometimes I Buy Stuff, Sometimes It Doesn't End There

I've been meaning to say a few nice words about some great customer service I've received in the recent past. Three companies in particular have really come through for me:

Billykirk - I invested in a gorgeous piece of luggage from this company for Barry several years ago. A while back, the fabric started to pull a bit around some of its grommets and I was worried about the material tearing further. I exchanged e-mails with one of the designers who was truly pleasant, I sent the bag back to the company, and I was delighted when they returned it with each of the grommet entry points reinforced with leather discs. The bag looks and performs better than ever. I've since purchased a card case/wallet from the company, again for Barry, and he loves it.

Gilt Groupe - This site is a guilty pleasure of mine, no pun intended. A customer where I work turned me on to this website and while I prowl it regularly, I've only made one purchase - a purchase that ended up not meeting my expectations. The customer service people at Gilt were totally lovely about it and made an exception to their return policy, refunding the full purchase price to my credit card. As a customer, I'm all for finding out a shop's return policy before making a purchase, but I'm also all for making little exceptions when they're reasonable. Thanks, Gilt.

Dansk - When a gorgeous salt and pepper mill that my brother and sister-in-law gave us stopped working properly, the nice people at Dansk sent postage for the defective one and replaced it with a brand new mill, no questions asked. Nice.

Speaking of great service, Barry and I had a wonderful waiter, fantastic beer, and awesome food at Saraveza last week. And on our most recent visit to Meat Cheese Bread, the counter guy gave us considerably less attitude than the first time we were there. That's not a glowing recommendation, I know, but it's nice to see some improvement, right?

Who's done right by you recently?


house on hill road said...

fatty had a similar experience with gilt recently. he was more than happy with their response and the end result. i think it pays to treat customers well, especially in this economy.

holly said...

i had never heard of Gilt... this is a dangerous site.
Hope your weekend is going great!