One of Him, One of Me (With Lots of Parenthesis)

Our weekend: mountain biking at Sandy Ridge (note to self: figure out a way to get over crabbiness about stuff you're not instantaneously good at... like mountain biking), great beer (Kingpin at Bridgeport), a new-to-us antique shop with amazing textiles (we're going back for a second look and maybe a purchase), long walks with cameras (Barry's been good about updating his photo blog), coffee and reading at Cloud Seven Cafe (funny to be there finishing up a book with a main character who loathes coffee), The Illusionist at Cinema 21 (my expectations were too high based on my love of The Triplets of Belleville), and lots of thinking about why I've been a bit lazy on the jewelry front. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


Cheryl Arkison said...

You mean that tendency doesn't go away as an adult? My Monster is exactly the same way when she tries something new. That being said, she started skiing and there hasn't been a single spaz or tear. Maybe it jsut takes finding your thing?

Gorgeous necklace!

PS My Portland opportunity fell through. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Woo, are you reading "Memoir from Antproof Case"??
I read that out on the peninsula (Presque Isle)...loved
the irony of the main character being stuck in a South
American Coffee Paradise but with a terrible aversion
to coffee and its aromas. If that's what you're reading
you will be happy at the end...guy deserved every
misery!!!...I'm afraid I've forgotten a lot of the details.
"Instantaneously good at" was NEVER in my resume...
but keeping at it yields great results as I know you've
learned by now!
Miss you guys, L,dad