Happy Birthday, Barry

Thirty years ago, at age five, Barry was rocking the ripped jeans and cowboy boots while cruising around on a bike... it was so clear even then that he'd one day be Portland-bound.

His eclair smackdown verdict: Honore's won for presentation and chocolate filling. Ken's won for best pastry, though, and took the prize in the bang-for-the buck category. In other words, it's still undecided... he'll have to try again next year.


holly said...

Happy birthday, Barry White! I love the picture - he definitely looks destined for Portland and bikes.
And who knew about that restaurant?! Looks awesome. And I love the idea of taste testing eclairs... I think we'll have to weigh in :)

Cheryl Arkison said...

A happy birthday indeed!

Mother-in-law said...

Wow, Barry,

When did your hair get so dark???????

Love pastry samplings and then voting! A taste test right up my alley. Just wish I could have taken bites.

Love, Maryanne

Connie said...

haha! love it! Barry was meant for Portland even before Portland knew it! Happy Birthday

Mariss said...

Happy belated birthday to Barry! What a cutie-pie :)

Amanda Jean said...

hope barry had a great birthday. that photo is awesome. so is your caption to go along with it. you are so clever.