Dipping HIS Toes Back In

Barry's gotten back into action with his camera. He's been updating his photo blog. And he was kind enough to take a photo of my new necklace style I've been wearing a ton these days:

Truth be told, about eighty, maybe more like ninety percent of the designs I make never get photographed and posted here on my blog. Most designs go directly to the shops here in Portland, in New York, and in Sweden that carry sulu-design. Just this week, I made big drop-offs at Union Rose, Moxie, Bonnet, and Tumbleweed. You can find my most recent pieces there... pieces similar to the necklace in Cathy's blog post (scroll down once you click over) that flew out the door at Little Winter. This is just a little background information for a blog post I'll write soon. Remember I said I have a lot swimming around in my head?


lealou said...

What a tease -- you need to sell at a shop in Toronto next :) Love the necklace!

traci said...

just lovely. will you be putting any in your shop?

amandajean said...

love your necklace, susan. you wear it so well. i'm dying to read about what's swimming around in that head of yours.