You Expected Photos of the Space Needle?

On a semi-whim, Barry and I headed up to Seattle for some birthday celebrating this weekend (weekends now being Tuesdays and Wednesdays for us). To our friends and family who live there - I'm sorry we didn't get in touch with you. It was a last minute, one-night only trip. Next time we're up, I'm sure we'll get together.

With drinks at Still, dinner at Sitka and Spruce, a light breakfast the following morning at Cafe Presse, and a heavy lunch at Le Pichet, our bellies went home happy. We visited some beautiful shops and strolled around as much of the city as we could in a day. And I realized that three years ago when we decided to move to Portland (Barry's vote) over Seattle (my vote), we made the right choice for us. I liked visiting Seattle, but I loved coming home to Portland.


traci said...

ahh, sounds like a lovely trip. and i love that wee bike photo. i really hope to see you both soon! still waiting with fingers crossed.

holly said...

You guys are so fun! What a great trip and I of course love hearing you loved coming back to Portland.
Happy Birthday month!

amandajean said...

your title of this post is so funny. i love seeing your photos...so refreshing and atypical of what you would see from seattle vacation photos. maybe someday i will be lucky enough to visit there. it's been on my list for a long while. your view through the lens is always so refreshing and fabulous. i love it!