Do you MOO?

I know that I'm waaaay late in getting on the MOO card wagon, but I'm finally on. I figured it was time I get a proper sulu-design business card printed (opposed to the hand-scrawled ones I've given out before), especially with the Little Winter market coming up. I couldn't be happier with my MOO card order. Not only is the product just right, but the customer service was truly stellar (I promised the MOO people that I'd tell you that, 'cause it's true). Now, to tick off a few more items on my to-do list before the market...


Mom said...

Dear Suzy,

Business Card looks great - minimalist and clean!

Wish I could be there for that Winter Market, that is so awesome and the cupcakes look delicious too! (You know how I enjoy frosting!)

Also anxious to hear how your birthday celebration/dinner and the dessert Barry made was!

Can't wait to see your new short hair cut, Thanksgiving can't come too soon.

Still pondering your philosophical essay on 90 year old you! Love always, Mom

ambika said...

Aw, I love Moo. I definitely keep thinking about getting them again having done the hand-scrawled thing for the past...6 months?

I'm super sad to miss this craft fair--I've seen it talked about everywhere. Maybe next year?

amandajean said...

you aren't the last one to do moo cards...i still haven't. what's wrong with hand scrawled though? ;)