The Business

My father and my husband gave me the business this week about not updating my blog recently. As is my habit, I've been avoiding the computer lately because life has been too good to sit still. I'm behind on e-mails, I haven't read a blog post in weeks, and the sulu-design etsy shop is practically bare. But today I'm caving in to family pressure with a life update and a shop update will soon follow. Let's get on with it.

Barry's parents came out for a visit last week. We had a wonderful time with them. We went to the Chinese Gardens (it's been on out list of things to do since we moved here).

We watched the swifts descend the chimney at Chapman School (again).

We ate our way through Portland, finally getting to Olympic Provisions (loved it).

The weather has been phenomenal with perfect early autumn light and temperatures. We've responded appropriately with bike rides down the Springwater Corridor, picnics in the park, afternoons of poking around our favorite antique malls, and early morning runs along the waterfront and in Forest Park.

Please, friends, catch me up a bit. What goodness is going on in your life?


Jessica Nichols said...

I love the business.

I've been doing Poppytalk's Autumn Colours Week this week. Our temps have finally dipped to seasonally appropriate levels. I'm running a gluten-free, nut-free, practically heat-free cooking class with a friend in the Noodle's classroom. In other words, we're doing lots of fresh veggies and fruits with blenders and food processors and not much baking. It's fun. I want to start working on a photo calendar for my Etsy shop. Feel so behind on that task!

Miss you! But keep enjoying life offline. It's so inspiring.

holly said...

I'm so glad the men in your life gave you the business! So glad to get the update - and beautiful pictures as always. We haven't been to the Chinese garden... it's been on our list far too long.
Lots of eating going on in our lives too and just getting the house ready for a new visitor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!
It's been a while. Catching up includes a move to St. Louis. Life's good. Blogging life in limbo right now. Don't know where I'm going with that, but I'm still around reading blogs. Am seriously considering trying to review books for a living because a trip to Barnes and Noble's made me so incredibly happy. Anyways, glad you are doing well and life has been good. :0)

Connie said...

We all need a blog break sometimes Susan. I'm glad to hear that your days were full and wonderful! Next week I'm running a marathon in Acadia National park and I'm so glad to be done with all this training! And Damon moves in with me in two weeks. He is officially out of the Air Force. yay!

angie said...

hi sweets! ha! your men are giving you the business.
I'm glad the wonderful weather has continued and you've been soaking it up!

I'm getting settled back in Denmark. There was a wee little water leak while I was away that may turn into a wailing nightmare but I'm not stressed. i'm crocheting, knitting, sketching new designs, running, yoga and reading on my new kindle. It feels great to get back to my routine after traveling for 3 months.

I'm so glad we got to enjoy a coffee while I was there. I love your home. You've got some great style! Sorry we couldn't get together more. Be well and throw some business back at those men of yours! *a

betsy said...

I loved everything about this update.

We are just back from our road trip with much accomplished and much to do. I'm hoping to get back into a groove soon...needing it.

And needing a beer with you!

You sound wonderful, suzy. It's good to know it.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I just get the call from mom..."are you alive?"

I can write this here since my parents do not read your blog, but I'm going home for a long weekend next week for a super surprise visit coordinated with my brother. I like to do this periodically to keep the parents on their toes.