When Goodness Keeps You Busy, You Have No Time To Type

I've been happily occupied recently (and away from the computer) due to:

a successful trunk show - thank you so, so much to those of you who were sweet enough to stop by Union Rose last week

finally, finally getting my burger and beer at Le Pigeon

lots of jewelry-making in order to restock local shops and in anticipation of the upcoming little winter event

lingering over a breakfast of olive oil and sea salt Belgian waffles topped with sweet bits of bacon at Everett Street Bistro

visits to several of our favorite neighborhood galleries - at one we were surprised to discover a photography exhibit by the gal who camped next to us this summer in her funky van

viewing Fellini's 81/2 (in many, many stages) after seeing this post on one of my favorite Portland-based blogs

picking up a nice mid-century coffee table at Hawthorne Vintage

meal-making based on the bounty that a friend regularly shares with us from her overflowing garden

oohing and ahhing over photos of Luca, burrito-style:

What's good with you today?


LeeAnn said...

Such a cute little burrito baby! Sounds like you are doing really well!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Those are all very good reasons to be away!

Today is about The Monster's first day of school fr the year, sorting out some contract details for an exciting project, and starting a new quilt.

laundrygirl said...

That photo melts my heart!
Sounds like such goodness filling your life these days!

Jessica Nichols said...

Such a great burrito baby photo! Your goodness is oh-so-good and inspiring. Life really happens offline and then you come back to share it. Love it.

I've been busy turning 40! School's back in, too. Wish I could get up there for Little Winter. Hmm.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

8 1/2 is, possibly, my favorite film of all time.

That photo of Luca is so great!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

8 1/2 is, possibly, my favorite film of all time.

That photo of Luca is so great!

Connie said...

you've been a busy gal! busy with fun stuff too.

Julie Owsik Ackerman said...

I'm late on commenting, I know but I lvoe the topic of what's good. For me: feeling in touch with you through your blog. thinking my book is really and truly done. making some money at a silly job. speaking spanish with amigos. celebrating mexico's bicentennial with tacos and refried beans (host mom's recipes.)

miss you suz! love, Jewel