More on Home

Did you happen to notice all the books piled on the floor in that last post? We decided to get rid of one of the Ikea Billy bookshelves that served us well for the past nine years. It really was a solid piece (with it being from Ikea, I feel like I have to emphasize that fact), but we were both done looking at that thing. And once we decided we were getting rid of it, it had to go immediately. Thank you, Craigslist. So the shelf is gone and the books are at home on the floor.

Standing in Billy's old place is another Ikea piece. I won't even get into the on-going "to-do-Ikea or not-to-do-Ikea" discussion that's gone on here. All I can say is I'm swooning over the little Besta console that we put together yesterday. The knobs are killing me, people. Killing me. Our little one room home suddenly feels like it's really coming together.


Cheryl Arkison said...

We have the same legs as that hutch on ours. But we screwed them to the upper part of our teak dining hutch.

Mariss said...

Cute! Ikea is a great solution, especially when you want some instant gratification and clean lines. The knobs are so you!

This Ikea piece we recently bought changed my entire kitchen, and made me okay with having to stay in our sometimes hellhole of an apartment in the ghetto for one more year.


Mariss said...

Oh yeah, like the legs you chose too! Makes it look like a substantial piece :)

Anonymous said...

Seems to me a coat of "never-drying" glossy black
paint would really make that new piece sit up and
grin!...and I've got an old button-down oxford cloth
shirt that would make a great smock for painting in!
Think if I look hard enough I could probably find an
old can of paint that would fit the above description.
If I can be of any help, don't call...you're on your
own with this project Kid...and now I only use
paint that actually dries in a few hours!!!...L,d

Betsy said...

Hot. Can't wait to see it all in person-- though I have a hard time believing it could get any better! It was so good to catch up on your blog today... So much loveliness happening in your life! I really can't wait to catch up in person. Also, thanks so much for the advice today-- you are the best.