Lest You Think We're Eating Figs Three Times A Day

Rest assured - we're only having them for dinner. For lunch the other day, we finally tried Por Que No (excuse the absence of accent marks and upside down question marks), the taco spot in town that everyone raves about. It was great, it's true, but perhaps a bit hyped. It didn't do it for me the way Original Mexican Food (or OMF as Barry and I had taken to calling it) on the corner of 29th Street and 30th Avenue in Astoria, Queens used to. They did, however, have better seating options than the rickety stools at the OMF bar. Proof:

I hope to see some of you tomorrow at Union Rose for the sulu-design and Hubris Apparel trunk shows. I marked my older stock on sale, and tons of earrings will be availbable for $10 and $15. I'll have lots of new designs for fall, too.


Cheryl Arkison said...

Mmm... tacos.

foodandshoes said...



Good to meet you yesterday and thanks for the ride home!

Michelle said...

Oh smack, that looks soo yummy, but then again, so do those figgies! Oh dear.