Home with No Apologies

Sometimes I feel weird telling other Portlanders where Barry and I live. Our neighborhood gets mixed reactions from people. Some think it's an exciting area with a lot going on, but others think it's yuppified. Honestly, it's both.

I occasionally find myself making excuses for our part of town, but I think I'm getting over it. I've come to love our neighborhood, with its good parts and its bad parts. The feeling hit home yesterday, the first day of our new "weekend" now that Barry has a new job (which he loves, thanks for asking).

We spent the day bumming around our neighborhood, walking to a good breakfast spot then on to some great local shops. We stopped at a sweet little cafe and later, a fabulous bakery. We ended up at one of my favorite corners in the city with views of buildings, bridges, train tracks, and sky that I can never get enough of. And we were home.


Cheryl Arkison said...

No reason to apologize to me, all I care about is that you are happy.

kat/ Taylor Made designs said...

I use to always say, "I'm sorry"... for no good reason when I was in my twenties, until this guy I worked with said to me one day, "never say sorry or apologize for anything unless you really did something wrong". Good advice :)

It sounds like a lovely place where you call home :)

Mom said...

You know me Suzy,

So what are the good points and what are the bad? And what did you buy/taste at that bakery???

Love, Mom

Mariss said...

Congrats to Barry! It's funny the things that will end up bothering us! I'm glad to hear that you've come to terms with your hood :) It all looks pretty and nice to me from these photos! Enjoy your weekend.

P.S. Love the advice from Kat.

erica said...

I'm counting the days until I'm back in Portland visiting law school friends (I went to L&C). So much has changed since I left in '98, and each time I visit they show me new and wonderful parts of the city. If you don't mind sharing, where do you live (in general)? It's still one of my favorite places on earth.

p.s. I still *love* my necklaces.

danger garden said...

I'm wondering the same as Erica...where do you live? The pictures make me thing it might be the Pearl, in which case I'm sure you get lots of reactions from people. They are probably just jealous.