When Figs Are In Season...

I care very little about anything else.


Stop By, Won't You?

First Friday in Montavilla
September 3rd 6-8:30

Union Rose
is pleased to feature
Hubris Apparel
and sulu-design jewelry

Both designers will bring in new pieces for Fall,

as well as pieces from previous collections priced to sell!

Union Rose
7909 SE Stark Street
Portland, Oregon 97215


Welcome to the World

Happy birthday to my newest nephew, Luca Christian Lutjen. Apparently, he's big for a little guy. I can't wait to meet him. He's got two awesome parents. Congratulations, Peter and Jennifer.



New designs with jade beads are in the sulu-design shop.
Click images above for individual listings.
Enjoy the weekend, friends!



Four new pairs of colorful earrings in the sulu-design shop. Eleven more hours 'til I see Barry after three long days apart. Nine years of marriage to celebrate over dinner at Le Happy tonight.

Edited to add: Two days past my sister-in-law's due date but no baby yet. One nice interview with my brother regarding his book cover designs (the first one is his, as are ones pictured at the end of the interview).


Whoops Times Three

I packed up almost all of my jewelry supplies into a backpack yesterday and headed to the park to work on jewelry outside. I love the heat we're experiencing in Portland. I spread out my quilt and worked on jewelry for a good hour or so. The quilt was covered in supplies and new designs. Suddenly, automatic sprinklers (new-to-the-park automatic sprinklers, I think) started squirting me in the face and soaking everything. How I failed to notice the sprinkler head that was one foot from my quilt, I don't know.

Barry's on a solo camping trip in Olympic National Park, so I thought I'd take myself out to dinner and use up the rest of a gift certificate that I have to one of my favorite restaurants in town. Apparently this is a cursed idea. After walking quite a way to the bus stop in pretty extreme heat (this is code for I had visible sweat marks under my boobs), I realized I'd forgotten the gift certificate at home.

Both the bus I took to work and the bus I took from work malfunctioned today and had to stop mid-route. I'll admit I felt a bit heroic when I was able to help get the first bus moving again by dislodging a tree branch that had gotten caught in the back door.

All this is to say that things aren't going as planned here. The one thing that has gone off without a hitch that I'd planned on getting done while I had the place to myself was a sulu-design shop update. Considering my current batting average, I decided to start simple. Really, really simple. A few relistings of popular pieces, a couple new ones . There will be much more to follow in the upcoming days. Click images below or visit the entire shop here.


Damn Right It's Tasty

When you have a few six-day work weeks to contend with, you better eat well on your one day off, that's all I gotta say. And eat well we did on Monday at Tasty and Sons, the answer to the brunch question by the owners of much-loved Toro Bravo. We sat at a big, communal table at the front of the restaurant underneath a raised glass garage door that made for a huge, open facade. Yams glazed in maple with cumin got us started. I followed with the steak and eggs... the freaking amazing steak and eggs (although it was neither the steak nor the eggs but the cornmeal pancake with jalapeno butter served underneath the steak and eggs that really did it for me). Barry had the roast beef sandwich with buttermilk-battered onion rings on brioche. We talked about that meal for the rest of our day off together 'cause it was just that good.


Stick and Stones

I'm on a new kick. The little brass spacers in these earrings (shown in detail below and in this post) have me excited to be working on earrings again. They're not in the sulu-design shop yet, but you can e-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com if you'd like a pair. Enjoy the weekend, friends.



Yesterday I claimed that I've been working on jewelry, but you wouldn't know it based on my infrequent shop updates. So Barry captured proof of my jewelry productivity while we were at the park last night. I was wearing a couple of the necklaces I've made recently. I've been restocking similar necklaces regularly at Tumbleweed. They'll make it into the sulu-design esty shop eventually.

Speaking of necklaces, Melissa put a huge smile on my face by modeling one of her adorable tops with a sulu-design necklace. Pardon my dorkiness for linking to that post, but it made my day.


I Still Make Jewelry

But summer makes me forget to post about it. One of these days, I'll get around to restocking the sulu-design shop with new pieces. But for now, I'm headed to the park with a book.