We Went Back

Hoodview campground and the trails around Timothy Lake are as wonderful as we remembered. I declared this the summer of camping, and while some unforeseen events have limited our ability to camp as frequently as we'd like, we're taking the declaration seriously.

When Barry and I were kids, both of our families happened to spend summer vacations in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We didn't know each other way back then, but I have a feeling our little paths must have crossed in North Carolina, especially since we each have fond memories of the same beach restaurant that both of our families frequented. It turns out that both of our families had the same little ritual at the end of our vacations, too - saying goodbye to the ocean before driving back home. Always big on tradition, Barry and I walked from our campsite to the water's edge to say goodbye to Timothy Lake this morning before jumping in the car to get back to Portland in time for work today. It was so early and the air was so thick with mist that at first we couldn't see where the lake ended and the surrounding mountains and then sky began.


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I love these photos, S! And I love that you and Barry had the same family vacation when you were little. Very sweet.

dad said...

Great photos Suzy!!!...and I could smell the morning
coffee as I thought about guys up on the mountain.
I love it that you remember "Sam & Ommies" and
saying good by to the ocean!!! Those were great times!
Love, Dad

Cheryl Arkison said...

Gorgeous! Here's to your summer of camping.

Anonymous said...

The photos are wonderful, they are very professional. I wish I could visit these sites also. It is amazing that you and Barry went to the same places for vacation (your paths were always entwined).

Peter said...

Beautiful Suz... I'm jealous!