Short Walk, Long Shadows

I'm embarrassed to admit the extent to which I've allowed the weather to control my mood recently. The extended gray, rainy spring we'd had in Portland really had me unreasonably crabby for a while, although there were a handful of elated days sprinkled in when the sun made an appearance. But the sun came out last night and should be here to stay this week. I hope it'll help me fall into a summer rhythm.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I have to remind myself every summer that I feel this way EVERY SUMMER. The humidity (and compared to say...New Orleans, Nashville is a desert) effects my whole outlook. Since moving down here I now understand that southerners aren't slower than everyone else, it's just hard to get up the energy to do anything in this weather.

There is a lot to be said about the "but it's a dry heat" saying in the southwest.

Dad said...

Hi Suzy,
Sorry the weathers got you crabby, but check
the national reports and you'll see that it's hot (90s)
and very muggy here...was like that for the whole Holiday weekend...very uncomfortable working out in the yard, but really very good and refreshing out on the bike on the two lane roads! Even worse on the East Coast...imagine being on the subway in NYC!!!
Monday I got up early and rode out to Geneva on the
Lake with Randy for donuts (the VERY best!!!) and lemonade...good summer stuff!
Happy Trails Suzy, love you, Dad

Cheryl Arkison said...

This was the first year that I found the weather really got to me. I usually get annoyed when people complain about the weather. But you are right, the sun does wonders for us. It just means that we need to find the sun (find the yellow) a little bit more.)

Scintilla said...

oh man, i can totally relate. it better be here this week and the next and the next. no sun in summer is just not acceptable. sending you many more elated days!

Mom said...

Hope you are taking Vitamin D! Love, Mom