How Do You Type an Umlaut?

Barry's working six days a week, so we're trying to make our Mondays off together extra special. Lunch at Gruner was the perfect way to start our day yesterday. We'll be back there soon - I was torn between six things on the menu.


kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

oh those raviolis look scrumptious. I want some!

OfTroy said...

taking you at your word.

How do you type an umlaut?
Go to Start, search or run
(short for character map)
find your character, (ü)click on it to make it active.
look in lower right hand corner of charmap window, and find code.
(alt + 0252)use code to type it in
OR copy character (and paste)

ü ü ü ü ü make all the umlauts you want!
(there is another method, but i always forget it. Char map is easy to do, and works

Jessica Nichols said...

That last image is making me drool. Yum!!!

ilka said...

great - ask them to put this on their menu: Klößen und Rotkohl - I think you'll like it :-)

abby try again said...

ü woah!
I took "oftroy"'s advice and now I know how to type ü that is rad :)
Um and that Gruner place looks freaking amazing.
Hope you are well, Susan!