Why, It's Wednesday Already

Thanks to Abby for asking me share some of my road trip photos over on her blog today. I'm sure she and her husband will have tons of fun as they make their road trip from Portland to Austin, their new home and one of my favorite cities. Seeing that post was a good reminder for me to check in here, too, as I've taken a little break from my daily shop updates. I'm still working on jewelry at a good clip, but right now everything I'm making is to restock a few of the lovely brick and mortar shops that carry sulu-design. So no earrings today... just some shots of buildings on my bike ride to work.

It's Bike To Work Week in the US. I've not been die-hard about it at all, but when the sun is out I'm all for it. Anyone else participating?


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

WAIT! It's Thursday already!

Here is a silly thing. When I switched to my company's office 5 blocks from my house I initially thought "I can bike to work!" Then there was the issue of where to put my bike in the office, which I really gave a lot of thought. Then I realized that it was only 5 blocks, so I walk every day.

Wait! Is it really Thursday already? Where do the weeks go?

Mariss said...

I have been biking to work pretty consistently for 2 years now :) It's one of the nicest parts of my day.

I was totally lazy though this week, and took the bus a few times!

Loved your pics on Abby's website. Makes me want to take off after our wedding and go cross country like we've always wanted. Maybe it is in the cards afterall... :)