The Hummus Among Us

Last week I made a recipe that I thought was going to turn out like one of my favorite little dishes at Portland's Toro Bravo - roasted chickpeas with paprika. The ones they serve at the restaurant are really crunchy. Mine... not so much. The batch I made had a bit of a mush factor. Believing that it's a cardinal sin to waste anything (right, Mom?), I went about finding a way to use the too-soft chickpeas. I concocted a hummus of sorts, using what we had on hand in the kitchen. I say "of sorts" because I didn't have any tahini sauce, an important ingredient in real hummus. No matter, we've had fake-o hummus and vegetable sandwiches - and tasty ones at that, if I do say so myself - for dinner several days in a row now. Last night we enjoyed them in a little picnic at the park.

On to today's shop update. We've been witnessing some magnificent skies in the evenings recently, full of beautiful pinks and blues. Seems like a good time to list these:

Click images above to bring you directly to listings or check out the entire sulu-design shop here. And remember that all 25% of all purchases made there from now until the end of May will be donated to Portland's Friends of the Children.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

And you make comments about mu post titles?!?! Love yours!

laundrygirl said...

Such pretty colors!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

We have made the roasted chickpeas (with smoked paprika) and they are a delicious snack! Your sorta-hummus version sounds really good.

Love the strawberry necklace!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Try this recipe for roasted chickpeas. So good! I often just make it all on the stove top, but still equally good and definitely crunch chick peas.