Blue and Golden

When you go to the Oregon Coast for the day, you're supposed to come back with pretty photos of moody skies, patterns in the sand, and dramatic rock formations jutting out of the blue water. I came back with pictures of the public bathrooms at Cannon Beach and of dangling cords at a coffee shop in Astoria.

We made a rather quick, unplanned trip out to the coast yesterday, and it was just the break from everyday life that we needed. The weather was amazing and we had a wonderful time rediscovering a town - a town that just happens to share the name of our old neighborhood in New York City - which we hadn't been to in years, back when we were just visitors to Oregon, not yet residents of the state. The Astoria on the west coast has some cute spots that have sprung up since we were last there, namely the Astoria Coffee House & Bistro and the Commodore Hotel. I still can't get over the fact that we can wake up and decide to drive to the Pacific Ocean, stop at a string of cute little towns, and be home before sundown.

Today's sulu-design shop update is inspired by the colors of yesterday... found in that bathroom, in the coffee shop, and on the beaches - the sky was beautifully blue and the sand was perfectly golden. But you'll have to believe me on that one. I don't have the photos to prove it.


rifferaff said...

astoria, oregon is also where 'the goonies.' takes place!!

Scintilla said...

i love the images. so beautiful. who needs images of the ocean? so many of those!!! xoxoox

ambika said...

Ah, the Oregon coast. You're making me miss it--it's been too long.

& I love your atypical images.