A while ago, Barry submitted a photo to the New York Times when they asked readers to share photos of their favorite views from window seats on airplanes. The Times chose lots of pretty shots to include in their "Joys of the Window Seat" piece. We just discovered that Barry's was one of many that were posted - it's around number 235 of 325 (the numbers keep shifting for some reason). I've been digging road trips recently, but these shots make me want to hop on a plane. Good thing a trip to Cleveland is in our near future. Happy weekend, friends.


Deschutes River Park*

*a.k.a. How I Caught the Camping Bug, 2010. The van detailed with a child's illustrations parked next to our campsite, the long bike trail that wound along the river taking us past old box cars and a decaying homestead site, unbelievable light on the Deschutes, escape from Portland's rain... I loved it all. And I want more. I hereby declare this our summer of camping.


Interior Motives

Been thinking a lot about little and not-so-little changes I'd like to make around the apartment. But first, did I ever show you the locker we bought soon after moving in? We (and by we I mean Barry) drilled holes in the sides and screwed a dowel inside from which we (and by we I mean we - this part wasn't so tough) hung two shoe organizers. It's the perfect shoe storage solution for a home with just one closet.

See that sweet painting up there? That was a housewarming gift from Renee Hartig, a friend and talented artist living and working here in northwest Portland. It's sitting on a shelf right now since we've come to a screeching halt with hanging artwork. It's so hard to commit when it comes to holes in the wall, no?

This little office nook is what's itching at me now. I'd love to move the cart on the left, get rid of the bookshelf on the right, and install some pretty shelves like these or these (scroll down) or these. Putting holes in that concrete wall doesn't sound so appealing, though. Again with commitment.

Enough with indoor thoughts. After work on Saturday, we're heading out for a weekend of camping on the Deschutes River with some biking, hiking, and good campfire eating. I can't wait. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Why, It's Wednesday Already

Thanks to Abby for asking me share some of my road trip photos over on her blog today. I'm sure she and her husband will have tons of fun as they make their road trip from Portland to Austin, their new home and one of my favorite cities. Seeing that post was a good reminder for me to check in here, too, as I've taken a little break from my daily shop updates. I'm still working on jewelry at a good clip, but right now everything I'm making is to restock a few of the lovely brick and mortar shops that carry sulu-design. So no earrings today... just some shots of buildings on my bike ride to work.

It's Bike To Work Week in the US. I've not been die-hard about it at all, but when the sun is out I'm all for it. Anyone else participating?


Happy Weekend

My bike is in prime order thanks to Barry. While I've been working on jewelry in the evenings, he's been changing out my handlebars, brakes, and shifters. The little circles in that last pair of earrings came from my old bike chain - it really is nice to have bike parts flying as I'm making jewelry. I cannot wait to go on some nice, long rides this weekend. What are your plans? Have fun!

The broken record says: click on the images above to take you to their sulu-design shop listings.


The Hummus Among Us

Last week I made a recipe that I thought was going to turn out like one of my favorite little dishes at Portland's Toro Bravo - roasted chickpeas with paprika. The ones they serve at the restaurant are really crunchy. Mine... not so much. The batch I made had a bit of a mush factor. Believing that it's a cardinal sin to waste anything (right, Mom?), I went about finding a way to use the too-soft chickpeas. I concocted a hummus of sorts, using what we had on hand in the kitchen. I say "of sorts" because I didn't have any tahini sauce, an important ingredient in real hummus. No matter, we've had fake-o hummus and vegetable sandwiches - and tasty ones at that, if I do say so myself - for dinner several days in a row now. Last night we enjoyed them in a little picnic at the park.

On to today's shop update. We've been witnessing some magnificent skies in the evenings recently, full of beautiful pinks and blues. Seems like a good time to list these:

Click images above to bring you directly to listings or check out the entire sulu-design shop here. And remember that all 25% of all purchases made there from now until the end of May will be donated to Portland's Friends of the Children.


Needing a Kick in the Seat of the Pants

I thought a little jolt of color was in order this morning, so the earrings above are in the sulu-design shop now. I need something to get me going. I've been in and out of inexplicable funky moods on an almost hourly basis for a couple days now. I do believe I even had some crabby moments while we were at the coast the other day - and it's time I snap out of it. I'm off now for a run. That usually does the trick.

edit: Six miles with Game Theory by The Roots seem to have taken care of things.


Blue and Golden

When you go to the Oregon Coast for the day, you're supposed to come back with pretty photos of moody skies, patterns in the sand, and dramatic rock formations jutting out of the blue water. I came back with pictures of the public bathrooms at Cannon Beach and of dangling cords at a coffee shop in Astoria.

We made a rather quick, unplanned trip out to the coast yesterday, and it was just the break from everyday life that we needed. The weather was amazing and we had a wonderful time rediscovering a town - a town that just happens to share the name of our old neighborhood in New York City - which we hadn't been to in years, back when we were just visitors to Oregon, not yet residents of the state. The Astoria on the west coast has some cute spots that have sprung up since we were last there, namely the Astoria Coffee House & Bistro and the Commodore Hotel. I still can't get over the fact that we can wake up and decide to drive to the Pacific Ocean, stop at a string of cute little towns, and be home before sundown.

Today's sulu-design shop update is inspired by the colors of yesterday... found in that bathroom, in the coffee shop, and on the beaches - the sky was beautifully blue and the sand was perfectly golden. But you'll have to believe me on that one. I don't have the photos to prove it.


Time to Make the Donuts

I mentioned that last weekend was going to rock. And it did. We went to the little town of Aurora, Oregon, and made our way through a bunch of antique malls. One's definition of "rocking" changes as one gets older, I guess. We found this old mail sorting desk that I'd love to make my jewelry production table, but that's not in the cards right now.

The one thing I did end up taking home with me were some sweet little donut-shaped beads:

Both pairs are in the sulu-design shop now. Click on photos for direct links to listings.

We're heading out for another out-of-town adventure today. We've both been feeling a strong pull to go on a road trip recently. We've only got a day left in our weekend, but we're going to make it happen, mini-like.


Today's Shop Update Comes with a Model...

'cause sometimes it's hard to envision how a necklace is going to hang.

It's in the shop now, nice and early.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Another Last Minute Listing

In our neighborhood, the first Thursday of every warm-weather month is marked with gallery openings, streets lined with art vendors, and special events at boutiques. Today was the first First Thursday that Barry and I were both able to go out enjoy the festivities together, hence this late listing.


Evening Addition

I'm sneaking in today's earrings before heading out for a walk on this beautiful evening...

This is the last pair of resin drops I've got, so there won't be any more of these earrings until I'm able to get back to New York City.


Honor Thy Mother

earrings above are now available -
click photos for shop listings

Mother's Day is this Sunday. Just thought I'd mention a couple things:

All sulu-design shop orders ship within 24 hours and ship for free worldwide.

All sulu-design shop orders are wrapped in pretty recycled paper and tied up with a ribbon. I'm happy to add a little personalized message in with gift orders, too. Just leave me a note at the time of purchase.

All sulu-design shop orders placed now until the end of May help Portland's Friends of the Children. In honor of my lovely mother and of all moms this Mother's Day, twenty-five percent of all sales during this time will be donated to this worthy organization.


A big ol' shop update is in the works for this evening since Mother's Day is less than a week away. But for now, this pair has been added to the shop. Now, Barry and I are out the door for day two of our rockin' weekend.